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John W. Young John W. (Willard) Young

1844 - 1924

  • Born 1844 Nauvoo, Illinois
  • Baptized as a child
  • Practiced plural marriage; seven wives
  • Ordained an Apostle 1864
  • Mission to Europe, 1866-67
  • First Counselor to Brigham Young 1876-67
  • Counselor to the Twelve, 1977-1891
  • Died 1924 New York, New York

John Willard Young was born October 1, 1844 in Nauvoo, Illinois to Brigham Young and Mary Ann Angell. He was baptized by his father. He was ordained an Apostle February 4, 1864, though he never sat in the Quorum of the Twelve. In 1866, he went to Europe where he served two years as a missionary.

Elder Young practised plural marriage, taking at least seven wives. In February 1881, he was arrested in Denver, Colorado on a charge of bigamy. Grampa has not determined the disposition of that case.

About a year after the death of George A. Smith, he was called as First Counselor to his father, Brigham Young. He was released a year later when the First Presidency was dissolved at the prophet's death

He was called as a Counselor to the Quorum of the Twelve (though not a member thereof) on October 6, 1877. He was released fourteen years later on October 6, 1891.

John W. Young is well known for his business enterprises, mainly railroad construction. He was involved in several railroad companies or railroad construction projects during the latter half of the 19th Century in Utah and throughout the West.

On February 11, 1924, John Willard Young, the third son of Brigham and Mary Ann Angell Young, died in an obscure apartment house overlooking Broadway in New York City, where he had supported himself as an elevator operator during the closing years of his life. The obscurity of his final years was not characteristic of his life. Motivated by an intense desire to build up Zion and break down the prejudice that existed against the Latter-day Saints, John W.'s life was an ambitious succession of business enterprises and church service that extended from Mexico's Pacific coast to the financial capitals of Europe.
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