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Jedediah M. Grant Jedediah M. (Morgan) Grant

1816 - 1856

  • Born 1816 Windsor, New York
  • Served in Zion's Camp 1833
  • Married Carolina Van Dyke 1844; later practiced plural marriage
  • First Council of Seventy, 1845-1854
  • Ordained an Apostle 1854
  • Second Counselor to Brigham Young 1854
  • Died 1856 Salt Lake City, Utah

    Jedediah Morgan Grant was a Counselor to one President of the Church and the father of another. Along the way, he found time to cross the plains, marry, and serve as Mayor of Salt Lake City, all in the short lifespan of forty years.

    President Grant was born February 21, 1816 at Windsor, New York to Joshua Grant and his wife Athalia Howard Grant. He was baptized as a child or youth for he participated in Zion's Camp when only eighteen years old, marching with the Prophet from Kirtland, Ohio to Missouri in an attempt to bring relief to the persecuted Saints of Zion.

    On July 2, 1844 Jedediah M. Grant married Carolina Van Dyke in Nauvoo, Illinois. He would later practice plural marriage. The Ancestral File lists seven wives in all.

    In 1845, Jedediah was called to serve as a President of the Seventy in the First Council of Seventy. After completeing the trek west, Jedediah served as the first Mayor of Salt Lake City. His service in the Seventy was approved of the Lord for in 1854, at the age of thirty-eight, he was ordained an Apostle and set apart as Second Counselor to President Brigham Young. Although an ordained Apostle, Jedediah never served in the Quorum of the Twelve. As a counselor, he was a major influence in the Reformatiion of 1856 when President Brigham Young sent him to preach reform in settlements north of Salt Lake City. While speaking to assembled Saints, President Grant was prompted to commit them to reform and to counsel them to signify that commitment through rebaptism. Grant's success had a contagious effect, and within days Saints in other settlements showed their commitment by being rebaptized.

    Jedediah M. Grant died December 1, 1856, just nine days after the birth of his son Heber J. Grant.

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