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Royal Barney, Jr. Royal Barney, Jr.

1808 - 1890
  • Born 1808 Ellisburg, New York
  • Married Sarah Bowen Estabrook 1829; later practiced plural marriage; twelve children
  • Baptized as a young man
  • Zions Camp 1934
  • First Quorum of Seventy 1835
  • Died 1890 Salt Lake City, Utah

    We don't even know what Royal Barney's name was. He is called Royal Barney in some records, Royal Barney, Jr. in others, and Royal A. Barney in still others. We have elected to call him Royal Barney, Jr. with no certainty as to its correctness. He was the son of Royal Barney and Rachel Marsh and was born December 15, 1808 in Ellisburg, New York. He is the brother of Edson Barney who also became a member of the First Quorum of Seventy.

    Royal was married to Sarah Bowen Estabrook on November 4, 1829 in Amherst, Ohio, fathering six children by her. Later he practiced plural marriage having in all six wives. The Ancestral File lists twelve children of the six marriages.

    Royal was baptized as a young man for by 1834, he accompanied his brother Edson and the Prophet Joseph Smith on Zions Camp, an expedition to provide relief to hose saints who were suffering persecution in Missouri. He must have served with faithfulness and honor for he was selected the following year in 1835 to be ordained a Seventy and called to the First Quorum of the Seventy. This call, of course, places him in the roster of General Authorities. Brother Andrew Jensen, writing in Church Chronology, states that he was ordained under the hands of Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon.

    Oliver Cowdery writing in the Messenger and Advocate (Sept. 1836) included Elder Royal Barney in a list of "the names of Ministers of the Gospel belonging to the church of the Latter Day Saints, whose licenses were recorded, the last quarter, in the License Records, in Kirtland, Ohio,"

    He was sued by one "Henry Skinner in 1837 on a note made by them to Joseph Smith and negotiated by him to Skinner. Skinner obtained a default judgment by confession (with no actual appearance by the defendants), after which the Barneys and Angell appeared and sought to set aside the judgment on the ground that the note was given for notes of the "Kirtland Safety Anti-Banking Society," which were alleged by Paine, on behalf of the defendants, to have been illegal and without value. This defense failed in June 1837, and Skinner recovered a judgment against the Barneys and Angell on the note." (Court of Common Pleas Record Book U, p. 99, Geauga County, Ohio.)

    We find no record of Elder Barney through the years of the Missouri Persecutions nor the Nauvoo era. But he and his family did join in the trek west with the saints arriving in Utah in 1852. Andrew Jenson writing in Church Chronology, records: "June 9, 1890 (Monday) Father Royal Barney died in Salt Lake City.

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